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With over 23 years of experience in the medical aesthetics industry, Kappa Medical Consulting understands how to protect your marketing investment and convert your ad spend into sales.
We customize action plans to optimize your staff and scheduling process.
We specialize in creating lead-generation protocols that encourage maximum conversion rates.


Confident Consulting Services

Advice from an industry insider who understands the importance of maximizing your lead generation.

Owning and operating a successful medspa requires insider knowledge of the practices that make you profits and avoiding the pitfalls that cost you money. Kappa Medical Consulting owner and founder Roni Rodman has experienced the full spectrum of this industry, from device and pharmaceutical sales with the top aesthetics companies to maintaining a top-rated Medspa facility in West Hartford, CT.

Schedule for Success

Optimizing the scheduling of your services and learn to maximize appointment capabilities.

By taking a calculated approach aimed at boosting the efficiency of your patient management services, Kappa enables you to reach the full potential of your appointments. By implementing our methods, you can enhance the full potential of your appointments and ensure strategic utilization of time and resources.

Spend Efficiently

Protect your marketing investment by squeezing every last conversion generated by your ad spend.

Kappa safeguards your marketing investment by extracting the most value from every conversion yielded by your ad spend. This strategic, value-driven approach ensures the optimal use of your resources, resulting in an effective allocation of your budget and a maximized return on your interests.

Lead Nurturing Protocols

We create systems that make sense for your staff and encourage maximum conversion potential.

The Kappa system involves crafting systematic approaches tailored to your staff’s workflow. We pride ourselves on fostering a coherent process that stimulates the highest potential for converting leads, ensuring your team operates in a streamlined manner that successfully converts leads at the highest possible rate.

Smart Staffing

A knowledgeable and professional team is your greatest asset. Learn how to maximize staffing capabilities.
Your team is your most valuable asset, and we’re always discovering new methods to optimize staff capabilities, ensuring that your workforce operates at the highest level possible. and effectiveness. By strategically managing your team, we can help you can enhance overall productivity and achieve better outcomes.

Cut Costs

Cut Costs- We can help you identify budget-draining and system redundancies that prevent effective & efficient marketing.
Our strategy involves identifying areas where unnecessary expenses hinder effective marketing. We enable you to streamline your processes, eliminate budget-draining elements, and optimize your resources for improved results. Our cost-cutting system ensures you get the most out of what you put in.


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“Roni was truly amazing to work with. She made the whole process simple and easy to understand, and she stayed with me every step of the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I definitely recommend everyone to utilize her services.”
– Analisha Michanczyk
Key Bank in Island
“Roni was able to help a client’s lead conversion rate go up almost 10%. She coached the team through sales strategies and set up a lead nurturing process for their front desk team that worked for them. They were able to see a greater return on their marketing investment and that was a win-win scenario for both sides.”
– Vania Jenny
Digital Marketing Director


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